Yoogi's Closet


The client was entering the luxury fashion reselling market against stiff competition, and needed content that not only reinforced their brand voice, but also positioned them well for SEO. This content had to instill consumer confidence by making the client seem deeply knowledgeable and trustworthy, as this cottage industry is rife with knockoffs.

In preparation for creating unique content for 5 categories, 40 subcategories, and 50 designer pages, we drew research from each of the carried brands' websites and other pages categorizing fashion information, as well as from the client's own pages for their brand voice. Then, working with my team, I compiled keywords that the client both needed to compete with and were likely to win on, and used them to write content throughout the site.

I also created templates that the client could use afterwards, with boilerplates that gave definitive reassurance to cautious, fashionable shoppers.