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This spot combines several elements, including the quickness of Western Union's app, familial love, the upcoming HTC Vive goalie game at Western Union booths, and the lead-gen contest for a chance to meet a professional soccer player at COPA America. 

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Western Union

YouTube Video, Landing Page, VR Game

As the market leader in financial remittances, Western Union needed to stay relevant in order to attract a new base of younger users across the world, while flashier modern brands chip away at their market share. 

Our task was to drive interest in the brand and their new mobile app with technology for Spanish and English-speaking audiences. We also had to tie in their existing sponsorship with COPA America Centanario soccer tournament in South America.

Investigating several high-tech avenues, we settled on VR as an easily-developable yet still high-interest option. We settled on the prizes of our promotion, a trip to COPA America and a meet-and-greet with a professional soccer player. The overall goal was increasing Western Union app installs and lead generation at events they were attending, so we contracted a developer to create a VR goalie simulation for HTC Vive that would be playable at their booths, if you signed up. 

To drive awareness of both the prizes and the game, I wrote an online video spot with subtle references to Western Union that highlighted the app's ease-of-use, the spectacle of the "training" game, and our actual player that participants could meet. 

My tagline, "what happens virtually can change your reality" ties the experience of the game with the experience of the app - influencing your prowess as a soccer player as easily as a couple taps can send money to your family overseas.