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Verizon Wireless


The client had an approved budget for a college scholarship and a desire to make a positive impression toward the brand. Other than that, the brief was wide open.

Working with my creative team, we brainstormed ideas on how best to use the scholarship - rattling through merit-based or diversity-based concepts. However, in a branding campaign, I found these too limiting, as they would remove some of the audience through disqualification of identity or too much effort for entry.

The insight I came up with was simply that student loans are like chains that you start adult life with, and to no longer be chained is to "Be Free". People across all backgrounds can relate to that yearning.

As our agency partnered with influencers for the campaign, I wrote copy for a microsite that would bring all our channels together. It trumpeted a message of freedom both from loans and for life's adventures, fit for American students and students-to-be.