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Directive Event Signage

Sample overlay on hover

Wristband Sign

The special wristbands attendees received at reception would glow and vibrate during certain segments of the show.

Makeup Station Signage

Instruction Cards/Photobooth Props

These two-sided cards were handed out at reception, telling people the different activities they could enjoy and doubling as randomized props for the photobooth, with pop culture references and memes.

Physical and Digital Invite

Party Favor App Promo

These two-sided palm cards were included in the party favor bags, offering journalists, bloggers and other attendees a free premium version of the app to write about.

RealNetworks, Inc. RealTimes Division

Physical Signage, Posters, Palm Cards

The client was throwing a party in New York for the global launch of its new app, RealTimes. Centered around photos and videos, this event was set to be all glitz and glam, with a makeup station, celebrity photographer, photobooth, concert, and plenty of app demos for journalists. They just needed to capture the tone of the evening with signage and material that helped guests understand all there was to do, and what they should take away.

I developed a hybrid voice between the cutesy, family-friendly official brand voice and the mood of the night with fashion-forward young New Yorkers and businesspeople who are constantly in the scene.

Focusing on a theme of "moments," "memories," and "stories," I created copy that wove together the experience of using the app and having an unforgettable night, referring to drinks as "moment enhancers" and giving guests handouts with current pop culture references.