The initial TV and YouTube spot demonstrates how easy it can be to show off life's moments.

The follow-up campaign capitalized on Father's Day with a shout-out to the world's best dads.

RealNetworks, Inc. RealTimes Division

:60 TV Spots

The client was introducing anew app to the marketplace, representing a fairly complex photo/video solution. Their target was the family segment, trending young. They needed to distill the apps core features and also distance themselves from previous software with a national TV branding campaign. They also needed to cheaply localize these spots around the world, as they have presence in over a dozen countries.

Working with brand managers, I worked out several scripts for the superimposed title cards throughout the spots, as well as the general story of the videos. These were written simply enough to be understood without voiceover support, and quickly highlight the app's features.

I also kept the language simple for the target audience and for ease of translation into several languages.