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RealNetworks, Inc. RealTimes Division

Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps

My team was tasked with devising copy for all parts of the client's new marquee app, across all platforms. Some of this was directive marketing copy that encouraged users to complete installation and upgrade to paid plans.

The product had premium monthly subscriptions, and also a-la carte single purchases related to the "RealTimes Story" feature, which would automatically turn photos and videos on your phone into montages. Premium "Stories" could be longer, get enhanced visual effects and soundtracks, and remove the brand watermark, among other features. Each premium feature had an upsell screen that would trigger if a free user tried to access it, offering either a subscription upgrade or a single upgrade for that particular "Story."

Having already developed the brand voice for this new product, I set to work on boiling its features down to the most desirable ones for users. For the installer, shown here on the PC, that meant writing simple headlines that led users through the installer and creating an easy-to-understand comparison of plans afterwards.

For the upgrade triggers, shown here on an Android mobile app, the team wrote copy encouraging upgrades to full subscriptions and single-use upgrades. Subtle variations of headlines along with obvious differentiators helped make this copy effective.