This video describes the cloud backup and storage features of the app.

This video describes how to stream videos from your mobile devices to your TV with ease.

This video describes "RealTimes Stories," the app's marquee feature that turns your photos and videos into magical montages in real time.

RealNetworks, Inc. RealTimes Division

YouTube videos

The client was transitioning their millions of users from the current version of RealPlayer to an enhanced version called "RealTimes." Based in the cloud, available on several platforms, and with brand new features, the app needed an engaging and easy-to-understand introduction.

Most importantly, the client was targeting families and especially mothers, a very different target than the hardcore tech-enthusiasts they'd catered to before. 

Taking the chipper and friendly brand voice I'd helped the client develop, I produced scripts for videos that explained each of the core features in terms of relatable customer benefits. The client's production firm partner brought the scripts to life in adorable infographic style.