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The client was setting up a service where people seeking help on home projects could be easily matched with contractors. They were able to get the contractor partners, and could place ads all day to get traffic from customers, but they wanted an organic way to reach them that could reduce their reliance on ad-spend over time.

I came up with resource pages that could compete in search engines with several large DIY companies like Home Depot, who were a large source of competition for the client's customer base. These pages capitalized on the "How-To" search boom. Each page covered a specific type of project that a self-styled handyman or woman might attempt themselves, like replacing carpet.

The pages were designed to be so in-depth that the project seemed like a lot of work, and recommend a friendly contractor to help instead. The template I designed laid out the project by level of complexity, and then offered step-by-step preparation and completion tasks, listing tools and time required, along with common costs.