Both as a pre-roll YouTube ad and organic social media content, this video explains the complex Smart AC program in an easy-to-understand way.

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Pacific Gas & Electric

YouTube Video, Social Media Infographics

The client was rolling out a program called SmartAC, designed to help prevent power outages caused by everyone simultaneously overusing their AC on hot days in California. Small devices would cycle your AC on and off during hot days to take load of the system, in very limited timeframes. While the program was necessary and good for the public, it had several challenges.

First, it's tricky to get people to give up a little comfort now to prevent problems later. Second, people feared that the SmartAC devices would keep them sweating and unable to control anything. Third and most importantly, the program was convoluted and difficult to explain.

Working with the client's legal team, I carved the complex program documentation down to just the most consumer-relevant and legally-required bullet points. From here, I crafted a quick script in a calm, professional tone that would explain it all in an easier to understand way when accompanied by crisp infographics.

To address fears about the device keeping the home too warm, the design team and I collaborated on static infographics posted to social media platforms that easily showed how to keep cool and help your community by enrolling in the program.