Acquisition: 4th of July Promo

Acquisition: VISA Gift Card A/B Test

These emails use quick clever copy and an interesting layout to test whether offering a VISA gift card makes a major difference in CTR for LG phone offers.

Acquisition: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Offer

Customer Lifecycle Management: FamilyMap Winback Email

This back-to-school campaign works to get parents back on the FamilyMap service, which allows you to see where the different phones on your plan are located. I addressed concerns over balancing freedom and safety here. 

AT&T Wireless

HTML Emails

As part of a email marketing agency, I was tasked with writing copy for numerous acquisition emails each month for AT&T Wireless' various promotions. I also wrote CLM emails that encouraged current customers towards upsell services. 

In each campaign, I would study previous similar offers for the winning subject lines and pre-headers in split tests, and create updated options with a variety of approaches. 

Working with other writers, ACDs and art directors, I wrote email copy for multiple executions on each campaign, testing them in the market. 

Some of this work never launched in market, and should be considered spec.